Welcome to The Hair Lab

Here at Zuvi, we’re dedicated to results. It’s why we’ve created one of the world’s most advanced and fully automated hair labs. 

From over 100 dedicated scientists, researchers and engineers who perform rigorous testing to in-house experiments, our team spends thousands of hours creating, innovating, and trialling products. 

The Speed Test

Beautiful hair shouldn’t take hours. We used a robotic arm in a controlled environment to understand how hair dryers perform in different temperature and humidity conditions (AKA your bathroom).

This system allowed us to ensure the optimum speed level was created for the Zuvi Halo, meaning less drying time and better results.

The Moisture Test

Through hundreds of experiments at the Hair Lab, Zuvi created a new way to dry strands that leaves  locks dry and styled, but not frizzy or damaged.  

By understanding the relationship between water content and micro-scale changes from applied heat, we were able to adjust heat levels and protect the inner cortex of the hair shaft, leaving hair 109% more hydrated than when dried with other hair dryers.

The Smooth Test

No one wants frizz. In the Zuvi Hair Lab, we created a world first testing machine to mimic the effects of running your  hand through your hair. Calculating the resistance force allowed us to build a dryer that leaves hair 17%  smoother than when using other hair dryers.

The Shine Test

We love shine. To test the impact of the Zuvi Halo on hair luminosity, we used a carefully designed tool, uniquely positioned LED lights and hi-res cameras to detect variations in light reflected off hair in a dark room.  

Our testing proved that by using the Zuvi Halo, the hair cuticle was hydrated and healthy, reflecting more light (38% more shine!)  than overdried hair with a flaking cuticle structure.

The Color Test

Blasting heat strips hair of color, leaving colored locks faded and dry. Our unique experiments show that the Zuvi  Halo locks in hair color for 57% longer, due to our LightCare™ technology.

The Strength Test

Hydrated hair means stronger hair. Here at the Hair Lab, we designed a strength test to measure the relationship between moisture content and hair pliability. The result? We found hair strands were 9% stronger when using the Zuvi Halo versus other dryers.