LightCare™ Technology

The Magic Idea Driving the Innovation

A New and Nature Inspired Technology

A New and Nature Inspired Technology

We took inspiration from nature's most common method of water evaporation that occurs everyday - natural sunlight and wind, and built it into our patented LightCare™ system that accelerates this process for healthier hair, leaving your hair shiny and healthy.

A Technology Redefining Hair Care

Our cutting-edge LightCare™ technology replicates the natural process of sun rays and wind working together to evaporate raindrops. By directly targeting water droplets on the hair's surface, LightCare™ is specially designed to avoid overheating your hair and scalp, preserving moisture that's essential for healthy, beautiful hair.

Fast Drying, Gentle Temperature

Zuvi Halo's LightCare™ technology ensures a gentle and comfortable hair-drying experience. Our innovative drying method maintains a lower temperature of 111°F/44°C, unlike traditional hairdryers that can cause heat damage to your hair and scalp at 140°F/70°C. The result is a fast and efficient hair-drying experience that leaves your hair healthy and hydrated.

Increased Internal Hair Moisture

Increased Internal Hair Moisture

Preserve more internal hair hydration with Zuvi Halo. Scientific studies revealed that gentler drying temperatures mean higher internal moisture levels for your hair. Our innovative technology ensures that your hair is dried at a comfortable temperature, resulting in up to +109% more hydration.

Hydration: The Key to Healthy & Beautiful Hair

As with your skin, proper hydration is essential for healthy, beautiful hair. Zuvi Halo Hair Dryer's LightCare™ technology helps your hair maintain optimal internal moisture levels for a strong and lustrous look. All our claims are verified and tested by third-party SGS Lab.

Hair Moisture

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Hair Moisture


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Shinier Hair


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Smoother Hair


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Stronger Hair


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Hair Temperature

The Strength TestThe Smooth TestThe Speed Test

Our Approach to Innovation

The Zuvi Hair Lab is one of the world's most advanced hair labs, where our engineers and scientists conducted over 800,000 experiments and simulations, and built over 1,000 prototypes to fine-tune and perfect our designs. We stand behind every claim we make, as every one of them is supported by lab-proven data.

The Smooth Test

No one wants frizz. At the Zuvi Hair Lab, we've created the first ever testing machine to mimic the effects of running your hand through your hair. Calculating the resistance force allows us to build your Zuvi Halo Hair Dryer that leaves your hair 17% smoother than when using other hair dryers.

The Strength Test

Hydrated hair means stronger hair. Here at the Zuvi Hair Lab, we've designed a strength test to measure the moisture content and hair pliability. The result? Hair strands are 9% stronger when using the Zuvi Halo Hair Dryer versus other dryers.